Hey, guys, season 12 of PUBG is confirmed and it is going to launch on 5 March 2020.

Everyone is excited about this season. PUBG is the world’s best game and most played a game since it launched. Every time PUBG comes with new and awesome skins and dresses. Last season PUBGM introduces events. For those who do not have more time to play so events are better options.
But the main thing matter is Royale Pass. You can show off to your friends. When people watch your RP sometime they got afraid of you. So, can we get the season 12 RP for Free?

Also, there is a special announcement guy you, in the end, you will get it.

How to Get Royale Pass Free:-

Just you have to follow these simple steps:-
The simple steps if you have better skills in PUBGM. Then it is not hard to achieve RP.
But there is only one problem. It takes a lot of time to reach high RP.


  1. Just download the Helo app.(download here)
  2. You are getting 5$ on each referral and the most important thing you can transfer this money in either bank or PayTm.
  3. Now after downloading just open this app for 14 days daily, this is necessary to get money.
  4. If you registered on the Helo app then on each of your referrals account have to open the app daily to get the money.

Use the referral code- CRCULTN

After that, you will get 5$ on downloading from the above link and think about it in 2020. There are 4-5 smartphones in every home. So you can get how much you are getting from this and you can easily buy RP.

If you are a true gamer you can buy RP for PUBGM before anyone gets it.


If you want to enter follow these steps:-

  • You have to subscribe to our email.
  • Share this article with a minimum of 2 friends.
  • Comment down and tell your experience on PUBGM.
  • Download the above app and use it daily for 14 days.

The lucky one is going to win free Royale Pass when 100 comments and 50 downloads as per our rules are obeyed then by random comment picker we will choose one winner of Season 12 Royale Pass.

I hope you liked this article to stay happy and connected with us.

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