Tacaz Pubg ID, Gaming Net Worth, Who Is Tacaz’s, Photo, PC Setup And YouTube Channel

The famous Vietnam PUBG Mobile player “Nguyễn Trọng Tưởng”, a most prominent name known by his fans is “Tacaz”. He is a PUBG Mobile content creator and he did this work more marvelously for his supporters and Subscribers of his two YouTube channels and by his hard work he grabs a million subscribers.

In this piece “article”, we confer about his player ID, setup and streaming equipment, stats, k/D ratio, and more information about Tacaz the PUBG Mobile player.

Who is Tacaz Gaming?

Tacaz is Vietnamese and he is from Vietnam, his age is 21 as of 2021. If you want to clarify any queries about pubg mobile or something, just use this email to email it “[email protected]”. And his Real Instagram Photo is available in his Instagram account “tacazgamer” and for your reference, we mentioned below scroll down and check it.

Tacaz Pubg ID Number

Tacaz’s in-game PUBG Mobile ID number is “5545342200” and his IGN or In-Game Name of Tacaz is “TH . Tacaz”.

The Great PUBG Mobile Player “Tacaz” game setup and Streaming Equipment:-

Vietnamese “Tacaz” uses an “iPhone 8 Plus ” to play and hit opponents in the PUBG Mobile game. He enabled the Gyroscope setup and also he uses the 4-finger claw with support of Gyroscope enabled. Tacaz has affirmed his sensitivity settings for more effective game-play.

Tacaz Gameplay Progress - Stats

The popular YouTube content creator Tacaz PUBG Mobile Season 15 stats (ongoing Season)

TH Tacaz Face

His real photo from his Facebook Page:

Tacaz Pubg - Social Media Handling's

Tacaz PUBG Mobile player is active in some social media accounts like facebook and Tiktok.

Click Here – To reach the tacaz facebook page.

Click Here –  To reach the tacaz Tiktok Page.

Tacaz YouTube Channel

Vietnam special PUBG Mobile Player joined YouTube in 2019 February 2019 with few Subscribers and now it’s a shift to million counts. And his first video was uploaded in April of the same year he joined(2019). Now he has totally uploaded 343 videos for his 6.84 million Subscribers. And his channel secured a total view of 1,057,541,074 views

Click Here – to visit his prime YouTube channel “ TACAZ GAMING”

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