Scout Pubg ID, Gaming Net Worth, Who Is Scoutop, Photo, PC Setup And YouTube Channel

PUBG Mobile battle royal game has attained a standard name among the mobile game players in India. And the huge reason behind the popularity of PUBG Mobile is so many battle royal games were made available to every mobile game user who can play the game from anywhere on the globe. Because of these PUBG Mobile-like battle mobile games, the whole landscape of mobile gaming is entirely changed.

The most famous PUBG Mobile player, “Scout” and this much popularity among the PUBG mobile community is not simple and it’s all because of his idle gaming technique.

Who is Scout Pubg?

His real name is Tanmay Singh and he was born in 1997 in Gujarat. His dream is to be a Soccer player and he reached the national level when he played for the Kolkata team. But unfortunately, he has given up the dream because of his injury. After that, he moves to a PUBG Mobile player. His inspiration in this game community is ex-pro “CS: GO” and he is a great streamer and pro player in the PUBG Mobile game. And his parents are also so supportive and because of all this now he is the world-famous PUBG Mobile player with representatives in various global level tournaments as the team name of “Team Fnatic”.

Scout Pubg ID Number

Scout PUBG Mobile game player’s in-game name is “Tanmay Singh Aka Scout” and his name is considered as the big name in the PUBG Mobile esports community. His FNC player name is “scoutOP”.  Scout PUBG ID is “5144286984”

PUBG Mobile player “Scout” setup and which Mobile for gaming?

The famous PUBG Mobile player uses the 4 Finger Claw set up and he is playing in an “iPhone 11 Pro Max”.

Scout Gameplay Progress

Tanmay Singh Aka PUBG Mobile player is an impressive gamer in the PUBG Mobile esports community. And after this much fame now also be looking for opportunities to reach the game’s upper level of the list. By this involvement, he reaches the streams of the global teams and many of the inspiration from their Scout style of play. And now he is the leader of the global PUBG Mobile team “FNATIC”.

Fnatic Team:-

Team Fnatic is the most popular global level team in the PUBG Mobile esports community and this team has taken part in many countries’ tournaments. And this team leader is “Scout” and he is also a good friend of another famous PUBG Mobile gamer, “Mortal”.

ScOutOP Face

His real photo from his Instagram Page:


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His age:- 23 years old

Nationality:- INDIAN

Birthplace:- Gujarat, India

Scout Pubg - Social Media Handling

Scout PUBG Mobile player is active in so many social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord server, and in Loco.

Click Here – To reach the Scoutop Instagram account.

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Click Here –  To reach the scoutop Loco Page.

Scout YouTube Channel

Team Fnatic leader “Scout” started his YouTube channel in August month with a few subscribers but now it moves to a million rates. As per the report now his total subscribers are 4.15 million and his total view of his channel is 376 million. His channel video clips are made and uploaded by himself and his main target is to entertain his subscribers or fans with his idle gaming technique of playing.

YouTube Channel Link – Click Here

Most Popular Video in scout YouTube channel is “Finally got the M416 GLACIER after 2 Years of Struggle with Classic Crates | sc0ut” have 9million views.