PUBG Mobile Season 11: All Royale Pass Rewards, Tier Gifts, Emotes, AWM Lab and more

A new year and a new PUBG Mobile Season. What can be more exciting for us to look up to some all-new Rewards, gifts, emotes? Players get excited in every new season that brings new events and missions. This season 11 is also bringing much cool in-game stuff that will blow your mind. So, today I will share with you leaked information of Season 11 that is yet to arrive. Check out all Royale Pass rewards, tier gifts, emotes and more coming with PUBG Mobile Season 11.

PUBG Mobile is giving away a lot of gifts and rewards along with the 600 UC in this PUBG Mobile Season 11 which also has unique AWM skin that can be upgraded even further. People are getting very excited even with the next level Season 11 logo in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Release date: However guys any of these rewards and gifts have not arrived yet. Let you all know that season 10 will end on 8 January 2020 and Season 11 will begin on 9 January in the morning. The new Royale Pass will be available to upgrade after downloading a small update.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Trailer

PUBG Mobile Season 11 All Royale Pass Rewards

Now let’s talk about all-new season 11. Like all other seasons, this season also has 100 RP points to collect, and many new rewards like legendary outfits, gun skins, parachute skins, etc.

As I already mentioned the Royale Pass Season 11 will be available after 8th January.

Players can directly buy their Royale Pass from the RP section in the lobby. A Royale Pass comes with 600UC(790 Indian Rupees) also the Elite Royale Pass is available that gives you more benefits for 1800UC(1580 Indian Rupees).

Of course, we will get our gifts for buying a royale pass and our 600UC back for completing all the 100 RP missions. Except for that, there are some legendary rewards that are the most exciting things in season 11.

As you guys already have seen the trailer of season 11. You will get the Legendary Dress with mask at RP100.

Apart from that this season has an amazing M416 skin too. This blue M416 skin is going through a lot of discussions recently.

There is a girl outfit at RP1, and a barrel M762 skin too. Also, we will get a cool backpack, helmet,  and legendary Pan skin.

1-100 RP Rewards of Season 11

1RP: Outfit and Gun Skin          5RP: Hat or Mask          10RP: MVP Emote
15RP: Season 11 Avatar           20RP: Vehicle Skin          25RP: Backpack Skin
30RP: Outfit                             35RP: Season 11 frame    40RP: Airplane Skin
45RP: Emote                            50RP: Melle Weapon Skin
55RP: Mask or Hate                 60RP: Outfit                   65RP: Emote
70RP: Parachute Skin                75RP: Avatar                 80RP: Helmet Skin
85RP: Het or Mask                   90RP: Gun Skin(M416)
95RP: Het or Mask                   100RP: Legendary Outfit

Tier Gifts

Like all other seasons, this season also has Tier Gifts for the players. As you can see in the photo,

  • PUBG Mobile is giving a Legendary outfit at the gold tier.
  • You will get the mask for the outfit at the Platinum tier.
  • An exclusive MK14 is there at the Diamond tier.
  • A season 11 parachute skin at Ace tier.
  • And, a conqueror S11 frame for reaching conqueror tier.

AWM Lab: Along with all the gifts and rewards, this season also has unique things that we never got in any of the previous seasons. An AWM lab. An AWM event that gets you a legendary AWM skin that can be upgradable at its lab.

Final Words: I suggest to buy this season royale pass because it has many amazing rewards that we never got before in PUBG Mobile Season.

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