OP Vincenzo Free Fire – Who is OP Vincenzo, ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel

Garena Free Fire is the eventual and most famous survival shooter battle royal game on mobile. This game was developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by the Garena community and this game was published for both Android and iOS mobile users. And it becomes the most downloaded battle royal shooter game in 2019.

OP Vincenzo is the most popular Free Fire player in this Garena community. Vincenzo is a crucial Free Fire content creator on the YouTube Platform and his popularity has resulted in people or his fans searching for OP Vincenzo ID, Stats, and even his name style in-game profile.

He uploads the highlights of his play technique and idle style of play videos on his YouTube channel. And these videos help the gamers who are struggling at a particular level and are unable to move further levels in this game. It gives an idea that those situations can be handled smoothly without any issues.

Creating Content based on gaming has become a trend in the gaming world or gaming network. And this battle royal game Free Fire is one of the most commonly chosen games for such live Streaming methodology.

Who is OP Vincenzo

His real name is “ Muhammad Farukh” and he is 24 years old content creator and Free Fire player from Albania. He is also known as the “God of Free Fire” because of his fast movement along with a great target aiming accuracy technique. Farukh’s hobbies are Gaming and Travelling. And his guild name is Legends

OP Vincenzo Face

OP Vincenzo photo Image via Instagram – check below image. His official Instagram account links is – Click Here

op vincenzo face photo image

OP Vincenzo ID Number

OP Vincenzo Free Fire Player ID is “437144862”, he is one of the free fire fast movement survival shooter in the world.

op vincenzo free fire uid and id number free fire


Vincenzo Gaming Profile

OP Vincenzo Free Fire - Who is OP Vincenzo, ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel 1
Stats is the statistical report of the Player’s performance in-game.
In solo: He is the best content creator placed victories in 106 matches among 1168 matches, kills 2917 in the Solo mode. With his win rate of 8.85%, by his idle technique, he eliminated 2814 players and he maintained a K/D ratio of 2.73. In duo: Total played matches in Duo mode is 1741 but his victories match counts are 302 and kills 5104. It converted to a win rate of 17.46%. He has defeated 4993 players and has to make a K/D ratio of 3.55. In Squad:Vincenzo has played 21680 squad matches, kills 77777 and his notable matches are 3568. From these victories matches his win rate is 17.52%, his massive frags are 70000 with a maintained K/D ratio of 4.36.

OP Vincenzo Net Worth

Vincenzo has earned through Google Adsense, Super chats, Online donations, Memberships, and Sponsorships from the YouTube community. By this all source of earning, his monthly income is around Approximately $6000-$8000 and his annual income is approximately $80,000. Which makes his Net worth Approximately $150,000. 

Note: It is just a report of income from google sources and we are not confirmed about this. It may be as per the situation of earnings.

Ranked Stats:
OP Vincenzo Free Fire - Who is OP Vincenzo, ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel 2

In the ongoing ranked season, Vincenzo has played 96 squad mode matches but he achieved 11 victories only and has a win rate of 11.45%. Vincenzo has total kills of 330 and his K/D ratio of 3.88. A noticeable point in this ranked stats report is “Vincenzo has not been involved in other Duo and solo mode matches” in this season.

Note:- Reported Stats are noted at the time of writing this article, it may be changing as the player continues to play the game.

OP Vincenzo Social Media Links

OP Vincenzo Social Media links to visiting his profiles and more
Given below

Click Here – to check his Instagram account

Click Here – to check his nimo tv page

OP Vincenzo YouTube Channel(yt)

OP Vincenzo’s YouTube channel name is “Vincenzo” . The total number of subscribers of his channel is 6.18. Vincenzo joined YouTube on 8th December 2018 with few subscribers but now it moves to million counts. It’s all because of this idle technique of gameplay. He has massive views of 407 million by the total.

And he has not started any secondary YouTube channel behind this main channel. It’s his only channel of his.

Click Here to visit his Main YouTube channel.

Vincenzo YouTube Channel - Popular Video

His most popular YouTube Video clip is “Unbeatable player FreeFire Jugador inmejorable اللاعب الذى لا يقهر فرى فاير”. And this video grabs over 46 million views, 1.7m likes.

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