Legend Sam Pubg ID, Gaming Net Worth, Who Is Sam Gaming, Photo, PC Setup And YouTube Channel

The Legend Sam is a prominent Pakistani PUBG Mobile Player and he is a famous Tik Toker in Pakistan. His name “Legend Sam” is placed on the top 10 Pakistani Pubg Mobile Pro Players list. Sam was one of the first to initiate the pubg Mobile video clips in TikTok in Pakistan. The famous legend is also the best content creator in the YouTube community.

The Pakistani Legend player “Sam” is a leader of the most famous clan
“The Legends”. With this clan, he received the “Mythic Fashion & Season 4 conqueror” from the PUBG Mobile association.

In this article, we include Pubg Player ID, K/D ratio, Stats, Device for controls, YouTube, Biography.

Who is Legend Sam?

The most popular name among his fans and Subscribers of his YouTube channel “Sam Gaming” is Legend Sam but his real name is Sam Malik. And his hometown or birthplace is “Islamabad”, Pakistan. His date of birth is (7th march 2000) as per this DOB his age is 21. Legend Malik’s crew name is “Legend” and he is the leader for those two crew and clan. His clan name is also the same as his crew name “The LEGENDS official”.

Legend Sam Pubg ID Number

The legend Sam PUBG Mobile Game ID “5116614055”  and his in-game PUBG Mobile Name is “ŁEGEND々SAM”. 

Legend Sam game setup and Streaming Equipment:-

The legendary player “Sam” uses the “4 Finger Claw “ control with the Gyroscope enabler in the iPhone 12 pro max device.

Legend Sam Gameplay Progress - K/D Ratio and Stats

The legend Sam’s K/D ratio and Stats are not currently available for the recent season but his season 9 report is shown here to judge it. 

In Season 9, he is an A+ pro player and his total played squad matches are 66, and victories chicken dinner is 8. He is in the top 10 lists for 29 matches, with a total kill count of 128. Overall his K/D ratio is 2.06 and his rating is 73.3.

Legend Sam Face

His real photo from his Instagram Page:


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Sam Gaming - Social Media Handling's

Legend Sam PUBG Mobile player is active in some social media accounts like Instagram and Tiktok.

Click Here – To reach the sam instagram page.

Click Here –  To reach the sam Tiktok Page.

Legend Sam YouTube Channel

The Legend Sam started his YouTube channel “Sam Gaming” in 23 October month 2017. This channel’s current subscribers count is 232K with total views of 8 Million. And he is not only a YouTube content creator his main interest is TikTok and he is a very famous Tik Toker in Pakistan.

Click the below link to visit his Official YouTube channel:-
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