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Krunker is an online multiplayer free online video game. This online video game was developed and published by the famous Yendis Entertainment. Yendis released this game on 2018, 20 th May for his supporters. This video game was supported under these platforms “Web browser, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Linux” operating systems. And this free online browser game for Shooter with casual game nature.

Who is allowed to play this game?

At least above 13 years of age categories are allowed to use this site. And if you are not at least 13 years of age do not allow me to use this website. On the website, they asked the users to confirm the age with at least 13 years of age, along with that we need to read and understand the terms & conditions of this website.

Before going to Gameplay of Krunker We should know the “Classes, Weapons, maps, Features and more:-

There are 11 different types of classes like defective, rocketeer, agent, runner, Bowman, and hunter. And we need to choose any one class from these 11 classes. If you choose, it means it shows a different style and outfit. Each class type has contrasting primary and secondary weapons.

This game also has a spectrum of awesome weapons. Choose from these deadly weapons. Such as

  • Assault rifle
  • Sniper rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Revolver
  • Akimbo uzis

This video game has an extensive selection of maps by the fans and developers of this game. Here users or fans can create the map on their own. Which shows so many maps to choose from.

Players are allowed to track their scores on the social section. The section includes a leaderboard and stats.

Features of this Online game:-

  1. Different types of classes to suit your playing style easily.
  2. Clear aesthetics for clean visibility.
  3. Its roots are in original FPS gaming.
  4. Hundreds of custom servers and with their own customized maps.
  5. Fast-paced moves with a focus skill.

How to download NO NEED

It’s an online web browser game that is why you don’t need to download it, but you can play in a web browser like google chrome or firefox and more.

Click this below link to reach the game:-

How to Play the Game “KRUNKER”:- is a pixelated first-person fast shooter game. This game is for casual-level players as time passes. And another pace of this game is to compete against the die-hard krunker pro players.

  1. First, Players drop into a pixelated landscape to fight against the opponent players.
  2. Move quickly to evade fire and shoot sharply to take down your enemy players with clear rigor.
  3. You can jump into a game instantly for the urgent move or action.
  4. And you are permitted to select the game mode from the server menu.
  5. An important thing to do in this game is “Counterstrike, reaction speed, and aim”.

Tips to mind it:-

  1. You can use a game URL or Code to join with any other player around the world with the multiplayer feature.
  2. Practice it well. It will make you as the pro-FPS gamer with specific skills
  3. Look around and sweep the area quickly to assess the enemy’s presence.
  4. Try out various guns. Reddit:-

Here you share your archives, doubts, and discuss updates on the and it has been named “/r/KrunkerIO/”.

Krunker Reddit Link – Click Here Discord

In Discord you can share your doubts, and discuss updates on the game.

Krunker Discord Link – Click Here Official Social Media Links

Krunker Online Game is active in social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and fandom.

Click Here – To reach the krunker instagram page.

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Krunker Steam Trailer Now available in steam website – check this steam link – click here

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