How To Escape Prison In Bitlife – BitLife Minigame

BitLife Life Simulator is a mobile game and its text-based life simulator game. And there is some danger in this game and beware from parents. Why people are switching to Bitlife life simulator in 2021 is because it mini-games.

There are so many mini-games in BitLife that will make you hooked for a certain period. This mini-game, which tasks the players to get out of all prisons in BitLife. Escaping from prison is not as simple as you think. But it is a little tough to escape from the prison. For this issue, we created this article to give the solution for this tough question about BitLife prison escape.

There are three types of prisons in BitLife minigame

  • Minimum
  • Medium
  • Maximum

From this, each prison map is an alternative. There is some possibility for minimum or medium prison in BitLife to escape but if you are in Maximum prison, you will have to put in a lot of hard work to escape from it.

Disclaimer for your escaping plan is if you are caught escaping from jail in BitLife, a couple of more years will be added to your list of sentences “Attempted escape”. So be careful and make sure to attempt only once, where you are confident with your plan and ready for it.

We have added some easiest maps and solutions. Before the move to how to escape. First, we need to know how to go into prison in the BitLife game.

How To Get Into Prison In BitLife

It’s the same scenario as we did: any crime means the police will send you to prison. The same concept if you commit a crime, and you will be fired to prison and another thing is there they will give you some job that you can do as a prisoner but they did not pay a correct salary.

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

Escaping from the Prison in BitLife game is not easy but certain tips and tricks can help you get out of prison in a matter of time.

Before you attempt it just remember these things in your mind. “Guard moves twice” in Prison.

The second one is that the guard moves horizontally when he walks. So if he does the same, we will block the cop against walls in the BitLife prison. Whether you are surrounded by police cops means you can move to the right or left, because he will move horizontally first.

There are some walls above him afterward, he would be able to catch you because he only moves horizontally. This is not the only way to escape but it is the easiest way to escape from prison in Bitlife. Apart from this all there is a cheat sheet for every map layout and a video guidance video the same in the simplest way.

Maximum Security Prisons Layout of BitLife mini-game

Reference Video

How to get Every Ribbon on BitLife Mini-game

In the Bitlife mini-game, multiple ribbons need you to get out of
Prison safely and earn them.

There are some list of ribbons that need you to escape safely are

  • Cunning ribbon
  • Scandalous ribbon
  • Jailbird ribbon
  • Deadly ribbon
  • Houdini ribbon

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