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pubg mobile lite hack mod

Hack PUBG Mobile Lite to get Unlimited UC and BC [No BAN Trick]

by Whosaine

PUBG Mobile Lite is also becoming famous in the world of online battle royale games. Since we already have PUBG Mobile which is a very efficient game but still, people are managing to hack these games. Many players want to hack PUBG Mobile Lite and enjoy the experience of going beyond the limits. So, are you one of them too?

If yes, then you will get what you are looking for. Today in this article I am going to share a genuine trick with which you can hack Pubg mobile lite and get unlimited BC(battle coins) and UC(Unknown cash).

pubg mobile lite hack mod

BC and UC are the most valuable game currency in PUBG Mobile Lite and everyone wants to get it. With this trick, you will not only get these game cash but also you will be able to play your PUBGM Lite game with unlimited health, ammo, and many cool hacks. So, are you excited?

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PUBG Mobile Lite

As we all know that PUBG Mobile Lite is a lite version of the official PUBG Mobile game. The game was released in 2019 in India and after that many updates came into this lite Pubgm.

Players who have low-end phones are really enjoying the game. Both the mobile battleground are very popular among the game lovers and their fan base is even growing bigger.

But it not a fun thing only for game lovers. Some tech minds also want to try its limitless feature by breaking their game rules. So, How do we do this? Of course, we will use a simple application. Let us know how?

Hack PUBG Mobile Lite with MOD Apk

To Hack PUBG Mobile Lite we can use many codes and game hacking tools but they are very risky. Most of the hacking tools on the internet are very risky and they hack PUBG Mobile Lite in real-time. So, there is a great chance you to get banned easily but today we are going to use a MOD application called PUBG Mobile Lite MOD Apk.

The MOD Apk for PUBG Mobile lite is a completely different game set up which will never affect your real PUBG Mobile Lite account. So, in this way, you will be risk free and get some cool features in your game which no has ever seen before.

First, we will download and mod Apk file for the PUBG Mobile Lite game itself and then we will get download an OBB file which is the game data. In the below paragraph you will the details and the download links of the MOD Apk and the OBB file for PUBG Mobile Lite game.

Download Link for Hack MOD Apk and OBB

Here i am uploading the original MOD Apk and OBB file for PUBG Mobile Lite. Just click  on the below link to download it right away. After downloading both the files, you have follow the below procedure to install the game and play.

Hack PUBG Mobile Lite with MOD Apk​
  • PUBG Mobile Lite Apk needs 46 MB to install completely.
  • The OBB file is in Zip formate of 226 MB you need to extract it after downloading.
  • Version 0.15.0 or above.
  • 4.0.3 or Higher Android version Support
  • Up to date on February 2020
  • No Root Required for this Hacking trick
  • This application is fully safe and free.

Step By Step Guide to Install Hack MOD and OBB file

In case you don’t know how to download these two PUBG Mobile Lite MOD Apk and OBB files and use them to hack. So, I have also mentioned a step by step guide to install it right on your Android Mobile Phone below-

1. First of all download the two files from the link given above.

2. Then you need to uninstall the original PUBG Mobile Lite Apk if you have it in your Phone. (Because this is a safe way so we will not use the official PUBG Mobile Lite Apk.)

Step By Step Guide to Download and Install MOD and OBB

3. Now on your android device, Go to Settings> Privacy and Security> Enable Application from Unknown Sources.

4. Install the Downloaded PUBG Mobile Lite MOD Apk. Give the permissions if the app asks for any. (Don’t Open the App Now)

5. Now, you need to move your OBB file to a different location. To do that, copy the downloaded OBB file and go to Android>OBB> Create a folder as “com.tencent.iglite” and paste the OBB file in the folder.

Step By Step Guide to Download and Install MOD and OBB

6. Restart your phone once and then open your PUBG Mobile Lite MOD Apk.

7. Allow asked permission and log in with your game ID. Don’t forget to accept the privacy policy.

8. Enjoy Unlimited BC, UC, health, ammo and more.

In this way, you can use hacks on PUBG Mobile Lite without getting detected or banned. If you find any bugs or glitches please report by commenting down below.

Final Words: Let you all know that this is a MOD Apk version of the similar game PUBG Mobile Lite. This version of the game will let you do anything like unlimited UC or BP and buy any dress or outfit with them. Players can also use wall hack, aim hack, aim bot, speed hack, jump hack, and many more hack in Pubg mobile lite and the great news is you won’t even get banned after performing these hacks.

So, I hope you like it. Don’t forget to share with your friends and comment down if you need any help regarding installation.

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