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Get PUBG Mobile Redeem Code for a Free Falcon Companion

by CaptainJOJO
PUBG Mobile Redeem code is going so viral among the players recently. At the beginning of 2020, PUBG Mobile had introduced a new code that can be used to get free in-game stuff. Every PUBGM players can get these PUBG Mobile to redeem codes and use them to collect their exclusive rewards like Golden M416 and Kar98 Skin.
Get PUBG Mobile Redeem Code for a Free Falcon Companion
Get PUBG Mobile Redeem Code for a Free Falcon Companion
However, a new redeem code has been revealed recently and players can use this one to get a free Companion. Yes, I have seen many players trying hard to get their own Falcon bird Companion. So, here is the chance. PUBG Mobile team has provided a new redeem code to get a Free Companion for each and everyone in the game.

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Free Falcon Companion Redeem Code

  • R89FPLM9S- Copy this free gift code and paste it in PUBG Mobile redeem page to get a Free Falcon Companion.

How to get a Free Falcon Companion using Redeem Code

I have mentioned the Redeem Code for a free Falcon Companion above. Every PUBG Mobile players can use this(R89FPLM9S) code once to get a companion for absolutely free in PUBGM. In case you don’t know how to use the redeem code then follow these steps given below to get PUBG Mobile to redeem code for a free Companion-

How to get a Free Companion Redeem Code
  • Fill up the first line with your personal PUBG Mobile-ID. (In which ID you want the Free Falcon Companion).
  • Now fill the redeem code bar with this code- R89FPLM9S
  • Check and give the human verification code.
  • Now click on Redeem.

Now you can just open your PUBG Mobile game and look in the in-game mail to check your received item. You will see a new email. Click on the email to receive a Falcom Companion for free.

Final Words: After having very good success, the online battleground game PUBG Mobile is focusing on its players’ satisfaction. From the Hindi Web series to World Championship, the game is leaving no side to make their game more and more successful. Recently, the PUBG Mobile Team has revealed a new redemption program to give their players amazing rewards and gun skins for free. Check the above code to redeem free Companion now!

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