Free Fire x Money Heist Leaks: New Event, Mode, Skins, Outfits and more Details

Every once in a while Free Fire brings new updates. Just a few days ago, the new OB23 update arrived in the game with many amazing features and events. However, there is much more to come. Yes, Free Fire developer Garena has already made an announcement about the upcoming update.

The update is going to be a huge collaboration with a famous Netflix Series Money Heist. Some very impressive leaks related to this update has been revealed. So, lets check the best Free Fire x Money Heist Leaks and upcoming skins.

Free Fire x Money Heist Leaks and Details

Garena Free Fire is going to bring a brand new update in September as the game developer is going to make a collaboration with Money Heist. This collaboration is going to bring a limited-time event called Plan Barmuda with whole new game content.

This includes new Money Heist themed skin, guns, parachutes, characters, pets, lobby, car, and almost every other feature is going be changed. Some leaks from this upcoming collaboration is already going viral on the Internet. These changes will be for a limited time. Everything is going to get normal after the event ends.

In the announcement made by Garena CEO confirms this news of upcoming collaboration with Money Heist. The game content is all-ready. A small teaser has also been released on the Free Fire official YouTube channel. Check the details here.

Plan Barmuda/Money Heist Mode Leak

Also, this upcoming collaboration will bring a brand new mode, simply called Money Heist. This mode is all about money and competing one squad with another. With a long-run race, a 4v4 match will take place in this mode. Each team will run for money printing press spawned on the map. First, this press needs to be activated and defend from the other team. The first team activates the money printing press and gets the required amount of money is the winner of the new Money Heist Mode.

All New Money Heist Themed Skins, Guns, Event, Outfit Leaks

Free Fire x Money Heist Collaboration will bring not only new modes and events but also most of the in-game contents is going to be based on Money Heist Theme. Here are some leaked Money Heist themed skins and outfits-

This outfit is called the criminal outfit. Free Fire x Money heist exclusively going to feature this red outfit with the joker mask.

Another leak has come that the old blue car in Free fire is going be changed completely. As you can see, it will be painted red and black based on Money Heist Theme.

Completely different and unique looking new gloo wall skin leaked. This skin will arrive in game in September with the money heist update.

A new weapon royal skin. Red and black painted this skin looks very cool. Coming on Money heist event on September.

Covered in Dollar, a new p90 skin leaked and going viral. This skin will be available after the Money Heist update in Free Fire.

A new Pan skin is also going arrive in the game with the new update in September.

This is a Parachute skin painted red, blue and black, It has cool mask printed on it and written LCDP too. This leaked skin will be coming on September which is going to be the greatest update in Free Fire.

This is a new skin leaked for pet. As you can see, it has mask and red colour printed on it’s cloths. Impressive.

last but not least, this one is a brand new surf board. This leaks claims that, every thing in free fire is going be based on the Money Heist Theme. So, stay tuned for more leaks to come.

So, here are all the details and leaks of upcoming Money Heist and Free fire collaboration. All these new update is going arrive on September along with the new Plan Barmuda Mode.

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