Dynamo Pubg ID, Gaming Net Worth, Who Is Dynamo Gaming, Photo, PC Setup And YouTube Channel

Dynamo is the world-famous PUBG player and he is best in YouTube content creation also. His real name is “Aditya Sawant aka Dynamo” and he is awarded as India’s most famous Streamers. With over 9.53 million subscribers on his YouTube channel “Dynamo Gaming”. Dynamo plays PUBG mobile on PC via an emulator and he is once known for being an emulator player. And recently Dynamo moved to mobile-only streaming and this change did not affect his growth and it continues to grow.

Dynamo is the largest content creator in the PUBG mobile community in India and his game-play technique also differs from our PUBG mobile player as per the idle technique it made his views in high level.

Who is dynamo pubg?

Dynamo’s real name is Adii Sawant, and he was born in 1996 in Mumbai, India. His profession is Gaming and Content creator in YouTube. And his net worth is 20 Crores(INR)

  • His Father’s Name – Deepak Sawant
  • His Mother’s Name – Vaishali Sawant
  • His Sister Name – Aaradhya Sawant

Adii Sawant comes from a Maharashtrian family and his Uncle Sameer Kandalkar helps him with Youtube Video clip editing. And his uncle supported Dynamo Adii Sawant to bring this many Views and Subscribers.

Dynamo Pubg ID Number

Dynamo’s in-game PUBG Mobile nickname is “HYDRA | DYNAMO” and his Dynamo PUBG ID is “591948701”

Dynamo Gaming PC Setup

Dynamo used this type of specification on PC  to stand out from other PUBG mobile players. And his game-play technique has been supported by this specification on PC. But unfortunately, Dynamo now moved to smartphone gaming and he used the iPhone for his gaming recently. His setup in iPhone gaming is a “Three-finger claw”.

His System Setup

  • Monitor – BenQ XL2430T
  • CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 2600x
  • GPU – Zotac GTX 1070 Processor
  • Headset – Razer Kraken 7.1 audio setup and Logitech G430 7.1 surround

Dynamo Season Stats

In this season, Dynamo played only “squad” matches. From that mode, he placed an excellent ratio of kill to Death  4.14.

Stats for the solo, duo, and squat as per the season 13( previous season) Given below check it out_

As per the Season 13

In squad mode matches he played total matches of 253 and notable or victories matches 104. Total massive 992 kills and he maintains his K/D ratio of 3.92. In duo mode matches, totally played matches 29 and chicken dinner blast matches 11. Total chickens killed 162 and he maintains his K/D ratio of 5.59. From the report Dynamo, most of the time he concentrates on Squad and duo matches only. Apart from these two modes he has not ranked a solo FPP game yet.

Best Moment With Alan Walker(Singer)

During the event in Mumbai, Dynamo met Alan Walker. Dynamo gaming collaborates with Alan Walker. Both of them posted photos on Instagram media.

Past Controversies Of Dynamo

Dynamo is the once known emulator player because he plays a PUBG Mobile game on PC via an emulator and his controversies also developed from this emulator playing. Other PUBG players and content creators criticized Dynamo for playing PUBG Mobile via emulator. 

Dynamo Famous Dialogue

During the live stream, he used this Dialogue frequently for his fans and subscribers. #Patt Se Headshot

And another dialogue famous on the social media platform #Baap Se Panga Nahi Leta Beta

Dynamo Net Worth

We already disguise that in the above heading but again i mention that his net worth is 20 Crores. His earning platforms are Adsense, Superchat, GPay, or Paytm donations and Membership fees. And he endorsed famous companies like HP India, AMD India, and more.

Dynamo Gaming YouTube Channel

Dynamo has over 9.58 subscribers on his YouTube channel “Dynamo Gaming” and he started his path as a content creator on the YouTube community over 5 years ago(maybe 2015 or 2016)but he joined YouTube in 2010. Five years back he was only involved in PUBG Mobile gaming he played Battlefield, DOTA, and some other games.

And after this he started the PUBG Mobile game when the game was released globally. Streaming of games he used an emulator(ex, Bluestack, LD player, etc) on his PC and he streams the mobile version of the game by using an emulator. Now he deviates to smartphone gaming(using – Apple iPhone). Total Subscribers dynamo gaming channel is 9.58 million.

Dynamo Gaming YouTube channel  link is given below, check it out – https://www.youtube.com/c/DynamoGaming/

The Most viewed Video In Dynamo Gaming Channel is “HUSTLE BUSTLE | The Story of Dynamo Gaming” has 11 Million Views.

Other Featured Channel

“Dyno Vlogs” has 404k subscribers and Dyno Vlogs channel link  – Click Here 

Dynamo Gaming Social Media Accounts

Dynamo Adii Sawant joined Instagram in 2017. His recent follower count is above 1.8 million. The game video clips are all released to his live stream and he uses Instagram to share some stylish photos of him.

Dynamo Gaming Instagram Account Link – Click Here

Dynamo Facebook Link – Click Here

Dynamo Gaming Twitter Link – Click Here

Dynamo Gaming Discord Link – Click Here