Best Character In Free Fire 2021: Garena Free Fire Best Character’s

Garena Free Fire game-play community is one of the popular battle royal games currently. Developers of this game Free Fire not only give a host of lovely game modes, skins, weapons, clothes, vehicles, etc, and an extra important thing is characters. The Free Fire characters give extra freshness to the Players. And the Free Fire community offers a long list of characters with the offer of buying or unlocking slowly with our game playing. 

These different types of characters come with some curious and extraordinary skills, which will help our technique of game playing. Moreover, it becomes difficult to know the specific skills of each character. But, you need not worry about this annoying task about the specific skills in a particular character. Here we will list some top five characters with their skills and some more details about them. Let’s begin our article.

Top 5 Best Character In Free Fire 2021

5. Hayato:-
best character in free fire hayato photo and image
HAYATO - Character Image Via FF Garena

Hayato is one of the best character in Free Fire and his active skill in Hayato’s character is “Bushido”. This Hayato character shows the Samurai style in Free Fire and it stands out from other characters with the pass of fabulous samurai style and extra skills. By his passive skill, “Bushido” increased armor penetration by 7.5% with a maximum HP decrease of 10% and armor penetration reached a maximum of 10% in the state of fully maxed out character.

If you are looking for a high reward, then it makes both high risk and high reward possible and this character is suitable for risk-takers, and the probability for max reward is high. And in Japanese Hayato’s meaning is “falcon people” were a people of ancient Japan.

4. K(Captain Booyah):
best character in free fire k photo and image
K - Character Image Via FF Garena

K possesses the mass skills and master of all, which grants extra EP for the player here which grants players 50 points of EP. And the player in jiu-jitsu mode which allies within a 6m radius will earn a 500% increment in EP rate. And this character with the extra specification is an immediate recovery of 2EP  per three seconds, and up to a limit of 100EP.

For this character, it takes 3 seconds for the mode transition to cool down.

And this character is beneficial for both passive and aggressive Free Fire players. But this character is valuable in ranked squad matches.

3. WuKong:-
best character in free fire wukong photo and image
WUKONG - Character Image Via FF Garena

Wukong’s character is confirmed as the best character of Free Fire. The active Ability of this character is Camouflage, the usage of this Camouflage is 10 seconds at the level 1 start, a player will be able to turn into a bush for hiding from the enemies and CD duration is 300 seconds. In battle, transformation is stopped when the player engages. 

The extra benefits of this character are that the CD will be reset when the opponent of the battle is defeated. Within the process of level-up Wukong skill also grows and it’s all helpful during the close range combat.

2. Xayne:-
best character in free fire xayne photo and image
XAYNE - Character Image Via FF Garena

Xayne is one of the best character in free fire.

Xayne is also named Xtreme Encounter because of his acting ability and particularly at the default level. From that default level player grabe or earn 80 HP in a limited period of time.

Extra skills of this character improve gloo wall and shield damage by 40% during the battle and result lasting 10 seconds and for cooldown, we have 150 seconds.

Level 6 is the most potential level and 100% damage may cause to gloo wall and shield while the cooldown time is shortened to 100 seconds during Xtreme Encounter. Chrono, A124 (Notable mentions)

1. DJ Alok:-
best character in free fire dj alok photo and image
DJ ALOK - Character Image Via FF Garena

DJ Alok is the topmost best character in this list. The active skill of this character drops the beat. The benefit of this character is a 5m aura that raises the ally’s movement speed by 10 percent and it restores five HP/s for 5 seconds at its most low level of the game(level 1). Using fragments will increase DJ Alok’s level. 

By the usage of Drop the beat in the highest stage raises ally travel speed by 15 percent and restores five HP/s for ten seconds of a time period. And this character is suitable for both the Clash squad and the Ranked Match battles.

(Notes: choosing a character is an individual decision of the players and set up over the other solely depends on players playing style and it all depends upon our individual interest in the game)