Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Website, YouTube Channel, Discord, Instagram and Facebook Link’s

Battlegrounds Mobile India is also named India’s specific game and it is all because of PUBG players and fan’s frenzy excitement about this Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

BGMI is majorly different from the PUBG MOBILE game. The battleground mobile India is only available in India and it’s not globally and it’s only for Indian players and users. There is no possibility for the player to play a bgmi game with global friends; it only permits Indian users.

Some more Restrictions are also there for Battlegrounds Mobile India game that is an age restriction for below 18 years users they need to confirm some other permission with us for game-play of Battleground Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - Developer

The developer of  Battlegrounds Mobile India is Krafton but if you have doubt with who the developer for PUBG MOBILE means that is different from Krafton developer and the developer for PUBG MOBILE is Tencent game-play. The file size for Battlegrounds Mobile India is almost around 600 to 650 MB(Approx.) only its huge difference from the PUBG MOBILE game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration

Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India was started on 18 th May and, especially for Android users. And if you Pre-register before or on 18 th May means they will credit some rewards to your registered account of Battlegrounds Mobile India. If you want to register with this game means just click  here to register it.

Wistfully Pre-registration has not opened or started for iOS users, but Krafton announced this Pre-registration only not started for iOS users but after launched of the game they will able to install it on his or their own mobiles with assured but it just from the falsehood rumored of the Krafton developer.

Rewards For Pre-Register Users - BGMI

Krafton Game Union Announced that rewards details for Pre-register players:-

  • 300 AG ( In-game currency ACE GOLD )


battlegrounds mobile india official discord website
Image Via battlegrounds mobile india official discord website screenshot

The Discord server is nothing but just for our doubts and queries about BGMI game and here we will receive and place our opinions and some other information and we will also know some more things in this Discord server. And this all will be done only you will Accept invites and login in this server.

It almost reached 108k members with confirmed users. Click the below link and join with Battleground Mobile India players_

BGMI Official Discord Link – Click Here

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Website

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Website Link
Image Via Battleground Mobile India Official Website Screenshot

Krafton also developed one official website for the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. On this website, we will know detailed and confirmed information about the BGMI game. And Krafton gameplay union developed this site to publicize with its users and game players. Click the link below to visit the official site of Battlegrounds Mobile India(

BGMI Official Website Link – Click Here

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official YouTube Channel

BGMI game official YouTube Channel and this channel have reached 4.07 million subscribers. This many subscribers only for uploaded videos of four it included introduction videos of logo reveal and Pre-registration announcement video.

The first video clip uploaded to this channel has reached over 14 million views. BGMI players can visit this channel and check it and subscribe for extra more information about this game. Click here to visit the Channel.

BGMI Social Media Accounts - Link's

BGMI official social media pages for fans and game users. From these social media accounts, we will receive short updates and some more information about the upcoming BGMI Game.

Battle players can click here  to visit the official Facebook page of BGMI.

Battle players can click here to visit the official Instagram account of BGMI.
Battle players can click here to visit the official Twitter  account of BGMI.