Battleground Mobile India 1.5 Update Download Google Play Store Link – BGMI 1.5 Apk, OBB File Link

Battleground Mobile India community introduced the new version of update 1.5 for this month and this is the first patch update since it was released in India.  And this updated version 1.5 was officially available in Google Play Store for the BGMI fans and game-play users. This update includes some exciting features of the game like the “new-ranked season that commences on July 14th, new idle gameplay technique, and the new elements of the game.

Through this article, we will see about the July month patch update 1.5 details and info of Battleground Mobile India. The BGMI community released the date of the new version update 1.5 and its available date is “July 13, 2021 “.

Battleground Mobile India 1.5 Update Link is Below – please click the below link to download the bgmi 1.5 update from google play store!!!…

The Official Battleground Mobile India Website Link Is –

Notes for those who are not able to see the update option_

Krafton community sent out the update periodically at the time period of 7:30 am. You will find the update option if your device has been pushed in the Play Store. If you are not able to see the update option means just coming back to the link constantly, every user will get their update before 7:30 pm of 13th July 2021.

Use the below 3rd party websites you can download the new version of BGMI 1.5 Update APK, OBB Files:

***Warning: Using 3rd party links is at your own risk. Below all 3rd party links like apkpure, taptap website is not the official website of the battleground mobile india game app. bgmi apk 1.5 update link – Click Here bgmi apk link – Click Here

OBB File Link – Click Here

bgmi apk download 1.5 update

BGMI Official YouTube channel Reference link of New Update 1.5 Patches Preview

Battleground Mobile India 1.5 Update Included Features and Notes:-

Krafton community reported some amazing features in-game and this July month update was released on July 13th of 2021. By this topic, we will see about the new update 1.5 features and BGMI Patches.

BGMI 1.5 Update Patch Notes Features

  1. Ranked Season new updates:-
    In this season they updated ranked badges for each tier of the players. And this tier has been branched to three new vies “Ace, Ace Master, and Ace Dominator. And one more info of this season update is a previous season, current season, and upcoming next season will be combined to form a single cycle (C1), and this will be abbreviated as a form of C1S1, C1S2, C1S3. (C NOTED AS CYCLE AND S NOTED AS SEASON).
  2. UNIQUE GUNS Update:-
    Two guns are added to the BGMI Store for players with this Patch update 1.5.
    • MG3(LMG)
    • ASM-Abakan(AR)

    For the MG3 gun, we use 7.62 mm rounds, which would be found in the airdrops. We can choose two different fire rates for this MG3 gun that are 660 or 990 rounds per/min. And additional things about this gun are its recoils with bi-pod, default attachment and it automatically deploys with the player when a player goes to the prone state.

    For the gun ASM-Abakan, we use the 5.56 mm ammo (bullet), and it’s in the regular model and will be available in Erangel. And additional info on this gun is Full-Auto, Burst, Single-shot, and all firing modes.

    Note:- Idle gun M249 LMG has been removed from the air-drop armory but it will be available in the regular loot of battleground.

  3. Glass Windows update:-
    The new feature of breaking windows in the battleground game and its buildings in Erangel and Miramar these two have the glass windows now it featured as breakable windows for the realistic and some extra idle thing for the players. It will be breakable by normally jumping through it or using some metal attack or using guns to fire it. This realistic sound effort of this act during the breaking of glasses may alert the enemy nearby of it.

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