PMCO Spring Split: India Group Stage All Day(1-6) Match Reports and Score Board Details| 2020

The PMCO 2020 Spring Split India Group Stage has started on 7th February and it will be on action till the 12th of February. The Esports tournament is divided into 6 parts which will be going on during these 6 days. During these days all the 32 teams will compete with each other and collect points by killing enemies and winning Chicken Dinners. And, in the end, 24 players will advance to the Semi-Final tournaments. 8 Teams with the lowest point will be eliminated from the game.

Point System for PMCO 2020 Spring Split

This time the point system is a little different. 20 points will be added for one direct Chicken Dinner and other placements have lower points respectively. Also, One point for one kill. Point System for PMCO 2020 Spring Split India Group Stage is mentioned below-
  • 1st place- 20 points
  • 2nd place- 14 points
  • 3rd place- 10 points
  • 4th place- 8 points
  • 5th place- 7 points
  • 6th place- 6 points
  • 7th place- 5 points
  • 8th place- 4 points
  • 9th place- 3 points
  • 10th place- 2 points
  • (11-16)th place- 1 point
PUBG Mobile, PMCO, Spring Split India Group Stage

As we all know that all the qualified players were chosen after taking part in qualification rounds of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring Split and now 32 teams are selected for further games. All the teams are divided into 4 main groups which are Group A, GroupB, GroupC, and Group D.

PMCO 2020 India Stage Group Details

  • Group A: Orange Rock, Marcos Gaming, JSLX, Aim Gaming, Team Eleves, 7SeasEsports, DRB Elites, CeltZ.
  • Group B: Team Insane, U Mumba Esports, RIP Squad, Team Tamilas, Revenge Esports, Initiative, Full Power, TeamGenocide. 

  • Group C: Mayhem(MYM), MageStars, ICKY Mafia, Super Girls, VSG Crawlers, Team GDX, ELMTEsports, Team ECSTASY.

  • Group D: FNATIC, Team Fourier, TEAMINTENSE, AZTECS ESP, TeamHYP, TeamMINUS40,   LcraftESPORT,  TeamGODLIKE.

Now, these 4 groups of 32 teams will compete with each other in the following Schedule of PMCO Spring Split India Group Stage-

Stage Group Day(1-6) Schedule-

Day 1: Group A vs. Group B
Day 2: Group C vs. Group D
Day 3: Group A vs. Group D
Day 4: Group C vs. Group B
Day 5: Group C vs. Group A
Day 6: Group D vs. Group B

Day 1 Match Reports:-

The 1st-day match of the PMCO Spring Split India Group Stage was held between Group A and Group B. All the players played 4 matches in 4 different maps and performed at the best to collect game points. The 1st-day tournament scoreboard reports are given below

First Match@Erangel

PUBG Mobile, PMCO, Esports

2nd Match@Sanhok

PUBG Mobile, Esports

3rd Match@Miramar

PUBG Mobile,  Esports

4th Match@Vikendi

PUBG Mobile, Esports

Day 1, Post-match 4 Reports(Day 1 Overall Report)

PUBG Mobile, Esports, PMCO 2020 Spring Split

Team Orange Rock Completed the 1st day of the PMCO Spring Split 2020 India Group Stage with the highest score of 53 points. They had a total of 21 kills from all the 4 classic matches. 2nd place was secured by AIM Gaming with 0 chicken dinner, 17 kills, and a total of 53 points. Team Revenge ESP came in 3rd.

Day 2 Match Reports(Group C Vs Group D)

The PMCO Spring Split Group Stage India Day 2 Matches were streamed Live on PUBG Mobile India Official youtube channel. Like it was scheduled, the tournament was played between Group C and Group D. All the 16 teams played very well in all the 4 different Classic Maps. The Match Result Reports and Scoreboard details are given below-

Day 2, Group Stage Match Erangel Report: Team Mayhem came in first place with 9 kills and 29 points. Icky Mafia holds the second and TEAMMINUS40 is in the third position. Check the rest on the scoreboard given below.

Group Stage Match Sanhok Report: Team Mayhem hits 1st place once again with 11 kills. MegaStars came in 2nd and Team GDx secured the 3rd place. The rest of the team report is given below in the scoreboard-

Day 2 Group Stage Match 3(Miramar) Report: ELMTesports secured 1st place with 16 total kills, Icky Mafia 2nd, and Fnatic is on the 3rd place. The rest is in the below figure.

Day 2 Match 4 (Vikendi) Report: It is the third time Team Mayhem came in the 1st place in Day 2 match. with 15 kills, vsgCRAWLERS in 2nd position, and Fnatic in the 3rd position.

Day 2 Overall Report(Scoreboard after 8 Matches)

The overall result of all the 4 groups(A, B, C, and D) is given below. Each team got to play 4 matches, and Mayhem came in the first place with 3 chicken dinners and 42 total kills. Team Fnatic came in 2nd place with no chicken dinner and 27 total kills. And ELMTesports got the 3rd place with 23 total kills and 0 chicken dinner. The rest of the teams were also played very well and collected their points. They were placed on the scoreboard below according to their total game points.

Day 3 Match Reports(Group A Vs Group D)

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