How To Remove PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook, Twitter, Google

Want to Remove PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook? PUBG Mobile is vastly played in India. Millions of people are getting into PUBG every day. Because of its perfect gaming sense and amazing features, people are really enjoying this game. However, many people don't want to play the game at the same time. Sometimes people also want to delete their account or Remove PUBG Mobile Account permanently. If you also decided to delete your PUBG permanently or Delink PUBG Mobile account from social media then today in this article, I will tell you about How to Remove PUBG Mobile account from facebook, Twitter.

How To Remove PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook, Twitter, Google
How To Remove PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook, Twitter, Google

PUBG Mobile
was released in 2017. Chinese company Tencent Games and TiMi studios lunch the game worldwide. The game became amazingly viral and another truth is, this game has taken over the Indian Youth. People from India play PUBG Mobile like crazy. Recently, in season 10 PUBG Mobile has added a new gun, amazing skins, legendary dresses. They also have added a new pet in the game. It is like FreeFire. You can call the pet to look cool in the game. However, it doesn't do anything besides doing some emotes.
Did you know: Fun fact is, they made the game viral in the world, but they couldn't release the game in their own country, China. China banned PUBG Mobile, after that, they made some changes in the game, and released it with a different name called Game of Peace.
Today in this article I will explain every possible way to get rid of PUBG Mobile game temporarily or permanently. There are a few ways to remove/delete your PUBG Mobile account and we will explain everything here. So, let's get started-
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How to Remove PUBG Mobile account from Facebook, Twitter, Google

Removing linked Social Media from PUBG Mobile is very simple. All you have to do is remove the access of PUBG Mobile from your social media account. In this first paragraph, you will learn about how to Delink Facebook account from PUBG Mobile.

Remove linked Facebook account from PUBG Mobile

So, you have linked your Facebook account with PUBG Mobile. Now, you want your PUBG Mobile account to be removed from your facebook. Is there a good reason you have? Of course, if you only want to remove your PUBG Mobile account from facebook, it won't hurt any game data. You can still be able to play your game as a guest.

Note: If you don't want to lose your game progress than make sure to link your website with your other social media account like Twitter.

To remove the PUBG Mobile account from facebook, first, you need to go to your facebook profile that is connected with PUBG Mobile.
  • Open your facebook Profile and you will see a down arrow on the left bottom corner of the page of the facebook page.
  • Click on it and find settings. If you use a mobile device then finding settings will be much easier for you.
  • So, go to settings and find apps and websites.
  • After opening the page, you will see a bunch of games and applications on the page along with a remove button.
  • Just select the application or game that you want to remove and click on remove.
  • It will remove the linking of your PUBG Mobile account from facebook.

This was the whole simple process of Delinking your PUBG Mobile account from facebook. The majority of people play PUBG Mobile with their facebook account. However, you can also play this game with a Twitter account. If you also play with a Twitter account and don't know how to remove it now, then, of course, your favorite helping hand is here. In the below steps, I will be explaining to you the few simple steps to Dlink/Remove your PUBG Mobile account from Twitter.

How to Remove PUBG Mobile account from Twitter

So, you have linked your Twitter account with your PUBG Mobile. Removing PUBG Mobile linking from Twitter is also pretty easy. But before you remove the linking make sure you link your account with some other account like facebook or google play games. 
To remove Twitter linking from PUBG Mobile, follow the below steps-
  • First, open your Twitter home page.
  • You will see 'More' in the lower right corner. Click on it and a new list will appear.
  • Find 'Settings and Privacy' and click on it. You will see a new page of settings and other stuff.
  • Go to the 'Data and Sessions' section and find 'Apps and Sessions' and click on it.
  • You will see all the apps and games that are linked to your Twitter account. Also, there will be the names of the devices that are currently using your Twitter account.
  • On the Data section, click on 'PUBG Mobile' and then 'Revoke Session' will appear on the below action.
  • Click on 'Revoke Session' to remove linking your PUBG mobile account from Twitter.

Here it is done now. You will no longer be able to open your PUBG Mobile game with a Twitter account anymore. However, you can link the account again in the future if you want to.

Did You Know: PUBG Mobile is not the most famous game in the world, FreeFire is. Yes, let you know that the total download of PUBG Mobile is 420+Million and The total Download of FreeFire is 450+Million worldwide.

How to remove PUBG Mobile from Google

A few people use their Google Play account to play PUBG Mobile too. Removing PUBG Mobile from Google is also very easy-

  • First, you need to Open your mobile device then Go to Settings.
  • Now, Tap on Google or the icon of google.
  • Now, click on Connected Apps or applications.
  • Then, you will see PUBG Mobile, click on it.
  • Now, Tap Disconnect.
  • If you see 'Delete Game Data From Google' that means it will delete your game progress that saved on google. You can click on that too if you want or just click on Disconnect.

Here is all the steps you need to follow to remove or Delink PUBG Mobile from your Google play account.
Now, Yes I know that many freaks exist in this world. They don't have any reason to delete their accounts. I mean, why would someone do that, of course, this is a game. For those freaks who want to delete their PUBG Mobile account because they died by Bots in PUBG, of course, go ahead and delete it now. It is never going to help you play with bots.
LOL, just kidding guys. I don't see any reason to delete PUBG Mobile account permanently but if want to do it then here we go again-

How to Delete/Remove PUBG Mobile Account Permanently

Let me tell you, friends, that there is no specific way to delete your PUBG Mobile account from the game. Tencent hasn't added the feature yet. If you want to quit the game, you can just take a break and uninstall the game for some time. However, people who want to delete their account permanently, and there is a way which is not so simple. I will explain the method below. If you don't feel like doing all these, you can just clear the game data from your setting and you will be able to add a new account in your PUBG Mobile.

Note: Deleting or Removing PUBG Mobile account permanently means you are going to get your account back but your progress will be lost permanently. It will take some time to remove your PUBG Mobile account permanently from the System. 

To delete your PUBG Mobile account then follow the below steps to permanently delete your PUBG Mobile account.
  • First, open your PUBG Mobile application to open the game.
  • After that game starts, click on the Setting. (Setting is the Gear icon on the bottom left corner.)
  • On the left side, you will get a few menu options. Select the Basic option there.
  • Now you should be able to see linked Facebook, Twitter or Google play account there. If you want any privacy options, you can choose it from here.
  • There is a Customer Service section. Click o Customer Service and you will see a new window.
  • There is a message icon on the top right corner. Click on the icon and it will open a window where you can chat with customer service operators online.
  • Just tell them that you want to delete your account and they will process it.
  • This takes 7 days to completely remove your PUBG Mobile account.

However, If you think you did a mistake by deleting your account, you can stop it. Just log in to your account and cancel the 7-day deletion process. It will cancel the process immediately.

Also, it is very easy to get your account back even after you delete it. All you have to do is uninstall the PUBG Mobile app and re-install it and log in with your previous facebook/Twitter/Play Games. But you won't get you to progress back which means you have to start it from the beginning.

Lost PUBG Guest Account? Here is how to Recover Lost PUBG Mobile account

PUBG Mobile always ask us to link PUBG Mobile with our Social media account or Google Play Games. If we don't do that then we will be lost all of our game progress if we uninstall the game. To prevent game data loss, you should link your facebook/twitter/play games account with your PUBG Mobile.

However, if you haven't and mistakenly uninstalled the game after playing many days in guest mode. You still can recover it by asking for help from the customer service provider. Just go to Setting>Basic>Customer Service>message box on the upper left corner>. After that, it will start an online chat with PUBG Mobile customer service provider. Ask for help and they will surely get you your account back.

If your account was linked to any social media accounts, you can recover it later by logging in back with the same social media account that was used to log in before. To get all your previous achievements, do log in with the same account which you used previously.

Google Play Games Error while connecting PUBG Mobile

Recently, the PUBG game has enabled Google Play. Many people are complaining that they are unable to connect Google Play to their PUBG character. It shows some error when we try to sign in. If the same thing is happening to you. Then, Here are a few troubleshooting steps added by official Google Play forum –

Clear Google Playstore Cache
Similarly clear cache for Google Play games as well – Settings -> Installed Apps -> Google Play Games -> Clear Storage -> Clear Cache
Restart the device

Now try to link the PUBG game to Google Play games account again. PUBG game data is synced with devices. That means if you login with the same account, you can get the same data and achievements in both Android and iOS mobile phones.

How To Remove PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook, Twitter, Google-------- Bottom Line Subheading

Final words: PUBG Mobile can only be played after linking the game with Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google. If we don't link any of these with PUBG Mobile game then uninstalling the game will lead to loss of all game data loss. Which means you will lose your all game progress. I have explained in detail how to Remove/Delete PUBG Mobile from facebook or any other social media account. I have also added how to delete the PUBG Mobile account permanently. If you have any problem in understanding then you can check out the videos.

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